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One-Stop Solution for your Backup, Disaster Recovery, CyberSecurity, and Cloud Storage in One Single Management Platform.

Service Overview


Data is one of the most important assets for companies and must be properly managed. However, in reality, the control and management of data are not sufficient enough to minimize the potential data loss incidents.

The traditional data backup process is considered expensive, troublesome, time-consuming, and requires expertise so they simply ignore this process. Nevertheless, many businesses now can choose the best solution to back up their data faster and easier at an affordable price.

Datacomm Backup as a Service (BaaS) with advanced enterprise-grade backup infrastructure helps you to backup and restore your data as fast as possible and ensure your backup data is always available to be restored. Furthermore, Datacomm ensures the protection of your data against ransomware attacks.

Why Choose Datacomm Cloud BaaS ?

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Quick start, no upfront investment

Backup your data without any upfront investment and unlock the benefits of cloud backup without worrying about implementation, maintenance, and troubleshooting

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Easy-to-manage, less IT staff required

Run all of your backup and recovery tasks with a minimum number of IT expertise by using a user-friendly Cloud Backup console.

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Affordable solution, lower TCO

Avoid capital expenses with a budget-friendly subscription. Your data can be affordably backed up to the Datacomm Cloud.

The Advantages of Migrating to Datacomm Cloud BaaS


Protect physical and virtual data

Avoid traditional-cost and complexity with a single installation and interface for both physical and virtual machines and now your data will be secured all the time.

Simplify NAS backup

Automate NAS backup to the Datacomm Cloud or any other storage, choosing the best option for you. Customizing backups with various backup types minimizes network usage.

Optimize storage usage

Reduce costs by easily managing your total storage requirements. Protect more systems while reducing the impact on disk-storage and network consumption.

Recover to bare-metal

Boost your recovery time using a complete system image that’s ready for reinstallation. It’s easy to restore a full system on a computer with an empty disk drive.

Be safe from ransomware

Secure your IT “borders” by protecting your company’s network shares and removable drives from threats. AI-based technology helps to prevent zero-day ransomware attacks.


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Reduce costs

Comprehensive data protection has never been so effortless or cost-effective. Save time and energy with efficient, scalable and easy to learn tools.

Protect VMs

Safeguard more hypervisors – RedHat, KVm, Oracle, VM, Citrix, Xen, Vmware and Hyper-V – with simple licensing per host, to protect an unlimited number of VMs.

Eliminate complexity

One solution for any infrastructure – Datacomm Cyber Protect safeguards data across physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile environments.

Restore anywhere

Restore an entire system to new, dissimilar hardware in just a few clicks. Our technology ensures easy system migration between physical and virtual platforms.

Defend against ransomware

Simple backup is no longer enough, which is why Datacomm Cloud Protect integrates the backup industry’s first AI-powered antiransomware protection.

Recover faster

Automated bare-metal recovery is up to twice as fast, thanks to a complete system image and smart technology that automatically detects boot requirements.

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure Use Case


Keep your backup data secure anywhere – on-premises, on network attached storage (NAS), or in public clouds. You can also replicate data to another data center and eliminate service interruptions since you can change or upgrade hosts or disks on live production systems.

A combination of high-performance compute, universal software-defined storage and flexible networking allows you to grow the business without complexity concerns. Get an easy to configure and manage test environment that will not affect your storage system performance.

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is compatible with any S3 applications and clients, scales to billions of objects, and provides active-active geo-replication for S3 data between data centers, with full data consistency and collision resolution. It also allows you to unlock high-performance block storage for hot data and virtual machines.

Last but not least, Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is optimized to support Network File Systems (NFS). Store any type of corporate data and provide easy-to-use, automated, cluster infrastructure management.

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