Backup as a Service

Secure offsite cloud backup, data protection & disaster recovery

Service Overview

Cloudciti Backup as a Service (BaaS) provides safe, secure & scalable offsite backup & disaster recovery for any data, anytime, anywhere! This all-in-one, easy-to-use backup solution works with the Cloudciti secure software-defined storage located in a safe remote Tier-III designed and SSAE 16 compliant data center.


Core Benefits

  • Tailored to integrated with and protect all major virtual platform
  • Capture everything - files, application data, configuration - in 1 easy step
  • Restore a full system in minutes - even to a different hypervisor
  • Automatically send backup copies to the ultra-secure Acronis cloud
  • Perform easy, unlimited P2V/V2V/V2P migrations
  • Choose between agent and agentless backup options
  • Save time & resources with compression, deduplication, and incremental backup
  • Manage backup activity for multiple systems using a single, easy-to-use dashboard
  • Acronis virtual backup products work with Acronis physical backup products as a single solution

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*) With managed cloud backup, our experts can run your cloud backup operations for you, or be there whenever you need help. We can also restore, monitor, and troubleshoot backup jobs—so your environment is always operating at peak performance.

Cloudciti Disaster Recovery as a Service
Our DRaaS pricing is a combination between Backup as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. BaaS pricing is charged for your backup data, and IaaS pricing is charged for computational resource when your DR servers are running in our data center. For more information on Cloudciti IaaS pricing, you can refer to this link.

For more detail information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Start From

IDR 500
  • 100 Gb Storage Quota
  • IDR 500.000 Additional Price per GB
  • IDR 350.000 / agent / month

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Use Case

Enterprise-level virtualization is a complex undertaking that demands smart, efficient solutions that simplify rather than complicate critical tasks. Cloudciti patented backup technology and easy-to-use tools work together to take the guesswork out of protecting your virtual data, regardless of its complexity. We offer a range of intelligent backup solutions that integrate seamlessly with the most popular virtual platforms, making disaster recovery ultra-fast and exceptionally easy. We also provide a quick, efficient method of migrating servers between physical and virtual platforms.

Server outages are an inevitable hazard that can result in expensive downtime and critical data loss. You need a fast, efficient way to protect your data, recover enterprise servers quickly, and get back to work ASAP. Cloudciti patented backup technology can capture everything on your system disk in one quick step. We offer extensive features tailored to your specific platform, and all our products include direct access to offsite cloud storage for maximum data reliability. Now when disaster strikes, you can quickly restore servers to any location—both on-site or offsite—in minutes.

Universities, colleges, and research institutions have a high degree of intellectual property to safeguard. Cloudciti works with many organizations to help them protect and safely share valuable and sensitive data within organizations of all sizes and any budget. Imagine the liability an institution faces if any or all of their critical data is lost.

Government and educational organizations have sensitive data that needs to be protected and distributed across multiple platforms/networks while still adhering to strict compliance requirements and restrictive budget constraints. Protect and safely share sensitive data within organizations of all sizes and any budget with our flexible and time saving solutions. Cloudciti is also dedicated to providing full protection and fast data recovery in the event of disaster, significantly improving your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) without blowing your budget.

Remote offices and multiple work sites present unique challenges to enterprise data protection. You need a solution that can be installed and managed remotely, that requires minimal IT resources, and that provides remote staff with the means to access and restore their own data. Cloudciti backup solutions meet these requirements with centralized management and monitoring, easy-to-follow disaster recovery plans, and fast, efficient backup technology that requires minimum supervision. We also offer secure, offsite cloud storage that provides your teams access to backup data anytime, from anywhere.

Studies suggest that 60% of corporate data resides on your employee’s desktops and laptops, not on enterprise servers. To keep critical data safe and workflows uninterrupted, you need to protect your workstations and have a fast, efficient means to recover them should they crash. Cloudciti BaaS provides comprehensive, centrally-managed PC protection for your entire workforce. We’ve also included intelligent recovery tools that allow your employees to restore their own machines in minutes.