Cloud Secure

Comprehensive Defence to Protect Your Virtual Machine & Cloud Server Against Today’s Cyberthreats

Stop more cyberthreats, protect your IT system with fewer resources. Cloud Server Secure is add-on service, enabling you to lower the cyberattack risks, with enhanced anti-malware protection and remediation services. Simplify deployment, configuration, and management tasks with advanced integration and automation.

Cloud Secure Service Overview by Datacomm


Minimize the risk of your cloud server and virtual machine from potential cyberattack exposure with cloud secure server – Enhance your protection with Advanced Security’s full-stack anti-malware. Built on AI-powered, next gen cyber protection.

Datacomm delivers integration of Backup and Cloud Protect – with anti-malware technology that counters ransomware and zero-day attacks.

Full-stack, Advanced Malware Protection

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Replace non-integrated antivirus tools and protect clients with a single, integrated cyber protection solution that stops today’s sophisticated cyberthreats and ensures seamless remediation while eliminating the need to juggle multiple solutions.

Anti-malware technology

Leverage power AI-, signature-, and behavior-based detection and URL filtering to stop malware in real time.

Exploit Prevention

Prevent zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits, including memory exploits.

Protection of Data in Backups

Leverage more aggressive scans of backed up data in Acronis Cloud, reducing load on clients’ endpoints and ensuring recovery of clean data.

Stop Modern Cyber Threats With Advanced Endpoint Protection


Full-stack anti-malware

Minimize the attack surface on client systems with enhanced anti-malware technologies. Improve the speed and accuracy of your detection rate with an upgraded set of malware signatures. Counter zero-day attacks and memory exploits in real-time. Scan backed-up data for malware.

Forensics data in backups

Reduce the costs of maintaining compliance and running future incident investigations by collecting digital evidence – like memory dumps and process information – and storing them in a secure, central repository.

Smart protection plans

Acronis Cyber Protection Operation Centers (CPOCs) continuously monitor the cybersecurity landscape, releasing alerts on emerging threats such as malware, vulnerabilities, or natural disasters. Protection plans are automatically adjusted to proactively address those threats.

Anti-Malware and Antivirus

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Actively protect your data, applications and systems from today’s advanced attacks. With Acronis Cyber Protect, you gain extended functionalities of Acronis Active Protection to protect your data in real-time with AI-based static and behavioral heuristic antivirus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware, and anti-cryptojacking technologies.

Cloud Secure Anti-Malware & Antivirus

URL Filtering and Categorization


Achieve compliance and increase productivity by preventing attacks from malicious websites. With advanced URL filtering, you can control website access through a HTTP/HTTPS interceptor, deny and allowlists for URLs, and payload analysis for malicious URLs.

Enhance Your Cyber Security Services with Advanced Endpoint Protection

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Advanced Security enables you to offer more cybersecurity services with less management burden, replacing non-integrated antivirus tools with complete endpoint security that’s integrated with data protection.

Expand your services with advanced malware protection

Increase proficiency and minimize client risk with a full-stack anti-malware solution that covers more attack vectors, including the web and vulnerability exploits, with superior detection rates and prevention of threat recurrence that’s unique in the industry.

Improve your efficiency to save time and resources

Modernize your endpoint protection by replacing non-integrated antivirus with a single, integrated solution for thorough cyber protection. Cut costs through solution consolidation. Enable faster reaction time with security automation. Accelerate your detection speed, eliminate false positives, and reduce the load on client endpoints by scanning workloads for malware in the Acronis Cloud.

Global threat monitoring and smart alerts

Acronis Cyber Protection Operation Centers (CPOC) continuously monitor the cybersecurity landscape and release alerts on potential threats of any kind. Receive real-time alerts on malware, vulnerabilities, natural disasters, and other global events that may affect data protection, so you can prevent them.

Vulnerability assessment

Keep your data safer by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in your system. With our vulnerability assessment, you can scan your machines for vulnerabilities to ensure that all applications and operating systems are up-to-date and can’t be exploited by cybercriminals.

Exploit prevention

Until a patch is applied, your machines are vulnerable. With exploit prevention you can stop and prevent attacks from happening with memory protection, return-oriented programming protection, code injection protection and privilege escalation protection.

Protection for collaboration tools

Collaboration tools like WebEx and Zoom can help an organization become more efficient, but the problem is a lot of these tools are not secure. Proactively protect these collaboration tools with vulnerability assessment, patch management, code injection prevention, and anti-malware capabilities.

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