S3 Cloud Object Storage for Enterprise

Scalable, Multipurpose & Cost Effective Cloud Infrastructure to meet your Big Data Object Storage Requirement

Service Overview


Cloud Infrastructure you need to Elevate your business in Digital Era

Build your Enterprise Class Object Storage infrastructure to meet your agility, scalability and security demand with simplicity, ease of use and increasing efficiency while reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO). You can deploy S3 cloud storage for applications and cloud services

The Benefit for Customer

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The digital world drives constant innovation and data growth that demands easy, efficient and secure cyber protection.


Leverage a solution that fits any business model. It separates the software from the hardware and offers flexible licensing, including a pay-as-you-go model.


Ensure that systems are up and running smoothly and troubleshoot problems before they impact end-users or third-party systems. Built-in management and monitoring tools make it easy.


Solve data integrity issues and ensure your data is secure with integrated Acronis CloudRAID and Acronis Notary with blockchain technology to verify data authenticity.

S3 Cloud Storage


S3 Cloud Storage is a software-defined storage solution that leverage low-cost commodity storage hardware and network equipment into protected enterprise-grade storage like SAN or NAS. This infrastructure is optimized for storing large amounts of data and provides data redundancy (replication and erasure coding), high availability, self-healing, and storage sharing.

Datacomm Cloud Storage S3 Service offers integration with the Acronis Notary service to leverage blockchain notarization and ensure the immutability of data saved in object storage clusters. The notary service timestamps the data and stores data fingerprints in a public blockchain ledger, not owned by Acronis, ensuring data immutability. As a result, blockchain notarization is well suited for and commonly used to maintain authenticity of such data as property and medical records, chain-of-evidence for court documents, police video or security camera footage, intellectual property bound documents, long-term archiving that could be subject to IT audits, and ‘consortium’ data storage, where multiple entities or individuals need to securely store and exchange massive amounts of data and information.

What Are the Use Case?

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Backup, Archive, Websites application, Cloud-native application, Data lakes, Machine learning & Analytics are some example of how customers from any sizes and across industries to store and protect their important information regardless of any amount and types of data.

Support Backup and Restore for Critical Data

Low cost Data Archive infrastructure

Build Data Warehousing & Data Lake to complement Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) Operation Applications

Persistent Storage for Cloud-Native Applications

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