Container as a Service

Increase development agility with enterprise-grade, secure and scalable microservices architecture on a local cloud infrastructure.

Service Overview

Container as a Service is a container-based managed solution. We will take care of all deployment needs so that you can focus on developing your product with a peace of mind. Powered by IBM Cloud Private, our solution is equipped with various features to support agile and flexible development with enterprise-level security.

What Can Cloudciti CaaS Do For You ?

Cloudciti Container as a Service is equipped with the tools you need to develop containerized applications. With Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm as its base, Cloudciti CaaS enables simple provisioning, orchestration, and management of containerized applications. Various logging, monitoring, metering, alerting, and security features are also available to ensure that you have maximum visibility and control over your applications as they scale. Additionally, Cloudciti CaaS has a catalog of containerized middlewares and softwares to improve your development agility.

Key Features

Built-in support for continuous delivery

Our platform supports the development of microservices based on APIs, which allows continuous delivery so that applications can be frequently updated.

Elastic runtime for enterprise developers

Supports runtime that is based on a variety of workloads, so that you can utilize modern techniques and architectures to develop agile and flexible applications.

Cloud-ready middleware

A catalog of middleware and software is available to enrich your development process. Equip your product with various middleware and software that are developed to be cloud-compliant.

Production-ready operations facility

Improve time-to-market with production-ready operations facility with built-in support for Identity and Access Management, logging, monitoring, and certificate & key management.


Configure and automate your infrastructure and applications deployment with workflow orchestration, and automate your application lifecycle with automation packs.

No vendor lock-in

Our solution allows the use of tools and applications not included in our solution. This opens the possibility to use various tools and techniques to experiment, test, and integrate to enhance your application.

Core Benefits

  • Improved Scalability
    When you want to add a new feature into your application, you can simply create a new service that contains the new feature. Unlike with a monolithic application, this does not add significant complexity to your product, making it more scalable.
  • Simplified Deployment
    As all services are separated from one another, they can be developed, tested, and deployed separately. As changes on one service won’t affect the others, time-to-market can be significantly reduced.
  • Feature-centric Development
    Each developer working on the application can now focus on one specific service to work on. This promotes end-to-end ownership for services, which helps developers focus on the end result of the product.
  • Improve Product Quality
    Developers can experiment with various technologies, languages, and framework that suit each service, without worrying about impacting other services. Microservices architecture also allows test-driven development, as each components can be tested separately. This approach results in the overall improvement of application quality.

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Use Case

Cloud technology brings on-demand pool of computing resources for your applications. However, to effectively utilize this resource you need to create cloud-native, 12-factor-based applications which complies with the existing regulations.

Our solution is equipped with the tools you need to develop such an application, such as Microclimate, WebSphere® Liberty, a DevOps toolchain, and database services. These allows you to create portable services that are secure and cloud-ready.

It is also important to leverage on new techniques and technologies to improve time-to-market and accelerate business innovation. However, it is also unrealistic to discard existing applications. One common solution to this is to use the microservices architecture.

Our container solution is equipped with development and automation tools to assist you in your journey towards microservices. It also uses open source products so that you don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in. Additionally, our solution comes with various middleware and software to enrich your development process.