Enterprise File Share

Content collaboration platform that enables enterprise users to perform file sharing securely with everyone else using any devices and anywhere.

Service Overview

File sharing can happen among people within or outside the organization, as well as among applications. Every employee can share file by using personal file sharing services. To have a visibility and control of corporate data, enterprise need to enable enterprise file share services to every employee.

Key Features

Two Factor Authentication

This feature sends a verification code by text after you enter your password to ensure that only you can access your account.

Encrypted File Storage

All files are encrypted at-rest and in-motion with the highest levels of encryption.

File Sync

Automatically synchronizes a local folder on your computer with folders in your account in real time to keep files instantly up to date on all of your device.

File Check-In/Check-Out

Along with file versioning, check-in/check-out is another way to ensure that changes to files don’t get lost when you’re collaborating with a large team.

Mobile Editing

Edit any Microsoft Office document, spreadsheet or presentation and annotate any PDF with your smartphone or tablet.

File Request

With File Request you can ask someone to upload files you request right into a folder. You’ll get notified once the file uploaded

Mobile Offline access

Make files available offline for editing when you don’t have an Internet connection.

File Version Control

Any files with the same name automatically save as the latest version, with the option to view earlier versions.

Mobile Apps

Get seamless access to all the files, folders and features of your account on the go – available for all iOS, Android devices

Remote Wipe for Mobile

Save your data privacy when your mobile device stolen by wiping the device remotely.

Active Directory Integration

Enabling single sign-on with Active Directory integration.

Secure Large File Transfer

Send files up to 10 GB to everyone in a single email securely

Unlimited Client Users

Client User is an access type that enables people – clients, vendors, customers and others – outside your company to upload, download and use certain features of your account. You can share files and folders with as many people as you want at no additional charge.

Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Insert links to files, upload and send new files, and request files directly from Microsoft Outlook email messages. Avoid email bounce back or annoying file-size restrictions.

Core Benefits



IDR 1,499
  • 5 Employee Accounts
  • Storage: 50 GB Storage
  • Max File Size: 10 GB per file


IDR 25,000
  • 100 Employee Accounts
  • Storage: 1 TB Storage
  • Max File Size: 100 GB per file

Additional Employee Account & Storage
IDR 259.000 per additional account
IDR 5.000 per additional GB

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Use Case

Quickly exchange QuickBooks files, monthly statements, tax returns and more in a professional client portal. Use the Request Lists feature to securely share, exchange and even track the status of your PBC (Provided by Client) lists during audits. Print PDF files directly into CEFS Folders – stay organized and save time in one easy step. Sync the files across devices securely.

What if you could securely send files from your email and know exactly who opens those files and when?

Send out policies, audits, certificates of insurance, brochures and endorsements with just a click securely. Exchange files easily. See exactly when files are downloaded. Share entire folders for easy file exchange with clients and vendors.

Securely share medical imaging studies like X-rays, MRIs, and CT Scans, across organizations and systems. Quickly upload a study from a CD, Hard Drive, or PACS, view it online, and share it with the click of a button. Keep protected health information (PHI) safe with bank-level encryption 24/7. Share medical images and other files internally with the teams, reviewing physicians and others outside the healthcare organization securely. Create multiple cases, upload medical images and other files, and control access with advanced permissions.