Helping you to make your digital transformation journey to the Cloud Native Application be easier, faster, and more confident.

We have the experience to help you build a Kubernetes cluster engine that is reliable, secure, scalable and cost effective.

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    Challenges in implementing Microservice, Container, Kubernetes, Agile, DevOps & CI / CD. Cloud Native architecture:

    How much time and human resources do you have to master these technologies?

    Cloud Native is an open source architecture that promises agility, reliability, resilience, scalability and automation but the orchestration cluster engine is very complex and confusing. It takes alignment of the infrastructure & operation team and application programming team.

    Ensuring security on a large and complex system.

    Minimizing the risk of failure.

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    Design & deploy icon Design & Deploy Kubernetes Cluster Engine in days

    Application modernization icon Application Modernization Advisory

    Kubernetes security icon Kubernetes Security Deployment Best Practice

    k8s cluster icon K8S cluster engine 24x7 Monitoring & Maintenance

    Digital transformation must start with strategic decisions to modernize application software. The success of a company in the digital era will be determined by how fast it is in creating applications to support business. The questions below can help you start your journey towards Cloud Native software Architecture:

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    Has your company made plans to modernize the application?

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    What is the goal of your company in modernizing the application?

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    What are the main goals you want to achieve? Cost savings, agility (agility) or innovation?

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    How do you plan to ensure alignment between the strategies of the business team and the IT team?

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    Has it been determined who from the team should be involved in this important project?

    What makes Datacomm KaaS - Managed Kubernetes deployment different?

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    Helping you to move forward with confidence. Supported by experienced, certified teams and partnerships with technology vendors, we have reliable methodologies, tools and services that have been proven successful.

    Mempercepat evolusi icon

    Accelerated evolution towards a cost-effective modernized application.

    Handalkan operational icon

    Maintain operational efficiency and innovation based on open source, container, automation and cloud computing.

    Mendapatkan kapasitas icon

    Gain new capacity and flexibility to accommodate work-loads and accelerate digital transformations.

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