Integrated Digital Core Solutions for Microfinance

Solution Overview


Digital solutions for Microfinance Institutions (BPR, BPRS, KSP, KSPS and Fintech (Financial Technology) which are packaged in the form of mobile and cloud-based services, which support operational and collaborative activities safely, reliable, and equipped with Disaster Recovery features.This complete and integrated solution consists of:

  • Integrated Digital Core Solutionsfor Microfinance.
  • Automatic Solution with Cloud Based Loansto Microfinance Institutions by Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Integrated Scorecards.
  • Integrated Financial Information System and Document Managementwith DOCUFLO.
  • Internet-based Contact Centerfor Microfinance Institutions to meet regulations with the latest economical and simple technology.

Digitalization Factors that must be considered by Microfinance Institutions​


Datacomm Cloud Business (DCB) offers integrated digital core solutions for cloud computing-based microfinance, specifically for BPR-BPRS and KSP-KSPS. This integrated digital core solution for microfinance is a combination of some of the best applications from DCB partners who are experts in IT solutions related to the financial industry.

The applications mentioned above are already integrated and can be used at the beginning of a subscription. The access to these services requires a login account and password to determine which applications can be accessed, according to the subscription package.

Extended core banking application, equipped with credit scoring (Lending Origination System) facilities. It also provides document management (secured) applications, call centers and options for: email applications (with domains), backups and disaster recovery.

With cloud-based, investment to get these applications is very minimal, because it is based on Opex (Operation Expense), which is a subscription payment based on the number of transactions per month for a minimum contract a year. In the initial stages of implementation, access equipment is only needed, such as computers / laptops or mobile phones or tablets to access these applications via the web / internet.

In addition, the BPR-BPRS and KSP-KSPS can determine which applications to subscribe to such as core applications (core banking and credit scoring), and can add other applications later on to the package.

Integrated Digital Core Solutions Products Description


The challenge of Microfinance to develop


The IT system is the “HEART” of the Microfinance Institution (LKM). To be able to operate efficiently and effectively it requires reliable, scalable, and secure IT system support.

However, there are challenges faced by Microfinance Institution in developing IT systems to support their business, such as:

In digital age, Integrated Banking IT applications are widely used by large financial institutions to serve customers online. This is a demand from customers who expect convenience in their transactions.

BI and OJK regulations indirectly respond to demands from customers by investing in information technology.

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK), Muliaman D Hadad (10/7/2017) mentioned the problems faced by Conventional / Sharia Credit Banks (BPR-BPRS) and Savings and Loans / Sharia Cooperatives (KSP-KSPS) both from the external side and the internal side.

On the other hand, for middle-sized and smaller financial institutions, such as most BPR / BPRS and KSP / KSPS, the implementation of integrated IT turned out to be a challenge. The challenge is represented by the question, whether the large IT investment will enable more rapid business development in the future, or whether it is only a waste of expenditure, without producing an adequate return.

External Side Internal Side
1. Facing Competitors in the Small Micro Segments (LKM, Credit Union, Fintech)
1. Cost overruns
2. Potential customers / members are reduced
2. Impact on interest rates
3. Products and services have not varied

Total number of cooperatives

152.282 units


Number of consumer cooperatives

97.931 units


Number of producer cooperatives

27.871 units


Number of savings and loan cooperatives

19.509 units


Number of service cooperatives

3.661 units


Number of marketing cooperatives

3.310 units


Tabel 1. Number of cooperatives in Indonesia

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