Datacomm Kubernetes as a Services (KaaS)

We are helping to make your Cloud Native Journey simpler, faster and more confident by building a Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS) cluster engine that is reliable, secure, and cost-effective.

Kubernetes Full Managed Services Offers These Following Services For You:


Design-and-deploy-Kubernetes-cluster-engine-within-days Design and deploy Kubernetes cluster engine within days

Application-Modernization Application Modernization advisory

Kubernetes security deployment best practice Kubernetes security deployment best practice

K8S cluster engine 24X7 monitoring and maintenance K8S cluster engine 24X7 monitoring and maintenance



Kubernetes or K8S is an open source scalable orchestration platform for managing container clusters which can be deployed across bare-metal, virtualized, private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructures. It automates the deployment, scaling, maintenance, scheduling and operation of multiple application containers across clusters of nodes. K8S is mainly used by application developers and IT system administrators (Agile DevOps team) within organizations which leverage containers technology.


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Digital Transformation & Industrial Revolution 4.0 elevate the importance of modern applications for the business. From the application used to support the businesses, to the businesses runs on the application. The agility of IT organization and speed of delivering new applications to meet customer demand determines the success of the company in the digital era.
Businesses are adopting cloud-native application architectures which leverage microservices, containers and K8S on the cloud infrastructures. Operational complexity is rising as automated software development pipelines for continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) and agile development process enables frequent application changes and updates. As such, the traditional infrastructure is no longer adequate to keep up with the speed, scalability and reliability required to support customer features demand.

Kubernetes and containers provide flexible and agility infrastructure to support cloud-native application operation. K8S provides complete Orchestration, Automation, Monitoring, Logging, Redundancy & Scalability.


Deployment programming icon

Deploy programming code with consistency across development, testing and production

Higher portability icon

Higher portability: runs on cloud, VM, private or hybrid

Continuous integration icon

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI / CD)

Elastic, distributed icon

Elastic, distributed & loosely coupled liberated microservices

Providing the separate icon

Providing the separation between the Development (Dev Team) and Operational (Ops Team) roles and responsibility

Isolated yet hightly icon

Isolated yet highly utilized computer resources

Agile application icon

Agile application creation and deployment


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Higher reliability icon(revisi)

Higher reliability and availability – self-healing capabilities

Security, secret and configuration icon(revisi)

Security, secret and configuration management

Service discovery icon(revisi)

Service discovery and load balance across available resources

Common pool icon(revisi)

Common pool storage management

Rollout and rollback icon(revisi)

Rollout and rollback automation

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