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Work securely anytime and anywhere by using your mobile devices.

Service Overview

Today, mobility becomes a major requirement for companies. Why? Because in terms of both businessmen as well as employees need to access applications and data that will make them stay productive despite being out of the office and they want it accessible from mobile devices, including their own devices.


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Service Offering by Features

MDM EditionAdvanced EditionEnterprise Edition
Mobile Device ManagementMobile Device ManagementMobile Device Management
 Mobile Application Management (MAM) – WorxHome, WorxMail, WorxWeb, MDX ToolkitMobile Application Management (MAM) – WorxHome, WorxMail, WorxWeb, MDX Toolkit
Content/Data Management – ShareFile Enterprise

Service Offering by Delivery Model

Sentriciti Mobility Management (CMM)Private Cloud Mobility management (PMM)
MDM EditionMDM Edition
Advanced EditionAdvanced Edition
Enterprise Edition
(including 5 GB storage space per ShareFile user account)
Enterprise Edition

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Use Case

In the financial sector, mobility can be profitable for both employees and companies. Mobile devices facilitate access to information anytime, anywhere and facilitate cooperation faster, easier, and more efficient between individuals and institutions . Nevertheless, in order to get the full benefits of mobility companies, banks, mortgage lenders, insurance, wealth management, and other financial service providers should be able to provide secure access to content, files, and important information for workers who use mobile device.

The use of mobile devices in health care is not just a trend of the moment; This is a breakthrough that is changing business in a hospital environment. Health care providers take advantage of mobility to help improve patient care and increase operational efficiency. However, they must implement strict security and compliance standards, including laws against the patient’s privacy and data protection.

Mobility changes the way people work in the private sector and government. Tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices now become mandatory for employees, agencies, and government contractors. Thus, maintaining the security of access to important information and have the necessary audit to comply with standards and regulations are very important. IT departments are responsible to ensure security and compliance, as well as the need to provide an environment for employees as productive as possible. IT departments must have control in order to secure the content all the time.

Most of the oil and gas company employees have high mobility. When they are outside the area of the company, they also need to access corporate data and perform work activities such as email, document editing, and browsing. This reason cause the use of mobile devices, both private owned, or owned by the company, to perform work activities. Therefore, appeared concern to manage mobile device in accordance with the rules and company regulations, to protect confidential data security, and support employee productivity without reducing the sense of comfort when working outside the company.