Smart Agriculture Solution

Integrated Digital Plantation Solution for Plantation industry

Solution Overview


SMART AGRICULTURE is a Digital Solution for palm oil and sugar cane plantation industry. Which is an integrated cloud and mobile based applications that will allow for improvement in operational and organizational activities of plantation industry. As plantations usually encompasses vast pieces of lands in remote locations, it is important to also add this fact into the solution. This complete and integrated solution consists of different modules, which are shown below:

1.Moving and Stationary Asset Monitoring Module

2.Workers Monitoring and Tracking Module

3.Analytics combined with WebGIS and MAP-GIS Module

4.Logistics Module

5.ERP Module for Plantation

Challenges for Plantation Industry to Compete in the Global Market


As shown in Graph 1, plantation industry is a still growing industry with a lot of potential. With that profitability comes some challenges that are unique to its industry. Thus, for a plantation to be able to function efficiently and effectively so that they can stay on top of the competition, there is a need for a solution that is reliablefastprecise, and secure.

Smart Agriculture Module Description


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Factors that must be thought of for the Digitalization of Plantation Industry


This alliance offers a cloud based integrated ERP solution for use in Plantation Industry. By working together with partners of DCB that are experts in IT services plantations, we combined the best applications targeted specifically for the plantation industry.

An End-to-End ERP Solution with analytics and WebGIS and MAPGIS capability, integrated with logistics, asset management, attendance system that could be used even in remote places. Also Call Centers or On-site or Off-site Support depending on the module. Optional add-on also includes: Backup and Disaster Recovery in a local data center.

Depending on the solutions utilized there might be some IoT tools that will be used, which will be provided by Integrasia for a fee. Other than that, only handheld mobiles, laptops, or tablet needed to be able to access the applications through the internet are needed. Any subsequent applications which the customer wanted can be added according to the customer’s needs.

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