Web Isolation as a Service

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Service Overview


Web Isolation as a Service (WIaaS) is a web-based proxy service that allows you to have a safe and secure way for surfing the web.

This revolutionary new method of isolating all web content in cloud-based, 24/7 secure browser will prevent attacks from malicious websites or malware from ever reaching your devices. Making the web much safer and you can click with peace of mind – because prevention is the best method of protection.

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Key Features

Zero malware infections, safe to click anything, anti-virus and sandbox inspection, preserve user experience, eliminate threats from malware or virusinfected documents, protection from websites executables.

Unique Features

Elimination of detection-only defense, encrypted archives and password-protected documents, enhanced DLP (data lost prevention), full control with seamless user experience, protection for even the most dynamic content.

Additional Features

Customize levels of security including additional isolation policies according to privileges. Prevent willing or unwilling file uploads to all websites. All user inputs are first isolated in the cloud-based web isolation environment.

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