Helping You to Make your Digital Transformation Journey to the Cloud Native Application be Easier, Faster, and More Confident

Do you need to refresh your SAP server for hardware upgrade?

Managed Secure IaaS

Datacomm Kubernetes as a Service

Building a Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS) cluster engine that is reliable, secure, and cost-effective.


Do you have Disaster Recovery for your SAP?

Satu-Satunya Solusi DR yang Dapat Ditest Kapan Saja.

Reliable Solution | Dependable team | Secure Cloud

Do not Settle for Less. To run your mission critical application you need Reliable Solution, Dependable Team & Secure Cloud. You can count on us

Simplify your IT Disaster Recovery Challenges in Affordable and Efficient Way.

Pilihan yang Tepat Mengurangi Tingkat Kesulitan Anda.

Comprehensive Suite of Managed Services Infrastructure to Unlocking the Full Value of SAP HANA

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Cloud Infrastructure

Enterprise, Secure & Local Computing Resources that are available 24/7

Backup Service

Secure offsite cloud backup and data protection

Disaster Recovery

Simplify your IT Disaster Recovery Challenges in affordable, and efficient way

Email Hosting

Cloud based email services with 99,9% service credit

Azure Stack

Bringing the Azure technology to local environments in Indonesia
kubernetes icon

Managed Kubernetes

Make Cloud Native Transformation Journey Simpler, Faster and Confident


SAP on Cloud

Robust SAP HANA on Cloud Infrastructure to support your migration

Koperasi Online

Integrated Digital Core Solutions for Microfinance

Smart Agriculture

Integrated Digital Plantation Solution for Plantation Industry

Open Banking Solution

Cloud Open Banking Solution Accelerate Mobile

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